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Take a moment to pause and consider that sometimes we don't always have the whole picture.

Today some incredible news has been marred by the knowledge that all was never as rosy as some would have us believe, and a community that, while pulling for the same end, was never as inclusive and welcoming as those same few would have unknowing members of that community believe; ego, and resultant bullying caused division and exclusion, and left a sour taste when it felt like the community cause lost its way and became more about the vehicle or facilitator, and less about the desired aim.

Blindly proclaiming everything pertinent to be 'good' or 'right' - failure to allow for criticism without accusations of damaging or deriding the community aims - weaken said community and the argument it makes and the cause it supports. Demanding that fellow voices censor themselves or recuse themselves from identifying with a community of which, by the very nature of their wishes and desires for, and enjoyment of an entity is not the action of a community secure in its unity or its convictions.

Unfortunately all this has all led to a sense of cynicism, where there should be celebration, and disappointment even amid the happiness and anticipation.
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I have a bee in my bonnet, and I am not alone. There's no real point to this post, it's just an outlet, me venting to a degree... and recently I haven't vented nearly enough and I'm feeling it.

Recently I 'unliked' a fan page of a certain public figure because of what I considered to be conduct unbecoming such a site, a very hypocritical admin, and due to content being posted - family photos and such, which is where the admin hypocracy comes in, since she had gone on record saying she would never post such things and then did.

Now, one could argue that, being a public figure, celebrity, however it could be framed, that the posting of such images, not to mention speculation about all aspects of such a person's lifestyle, are simply an occupational hazard, as it were. However, this particular person is a very private person in respect of his family and personal life, and on the whole that seems to be respected by media outlets, surprisingly enough.

Then, last night, other, more reputable fan pages for the same public figure responded in disapproval to the continued practice of posting such images, which has only strengthened my disquiet in respect of the unliked page toward the anger side of the spectrum, and why? Two reasons: firstly, the pictures posted had be poached from the private page of a genuine family friend of said celeb (their page had allegedly been hacked and the photographs taken, and subsequently posted), who had since asked for the posted pictures to be removed from all sites that had shared them, and secondly - the photographs included children, (nieces and nephews of said celeb). It's one thing for family members to post pictures of their own kids, or friends with permission to do so, but random sites/pages, no. That crosses a line - and no, I don't care that the faces of the kids have been covered up by big yellow smileys. It's still no.

The unrepentant admin of the page, openly and defiantly said she (I'm assuming she), would not remove the photographs from the page and has removed all negative comments made on the page, including one very polite warning comment posted that if she did not remove the offending pictures, she would receive a cease and desist notice... anything posted in criticism of her disrespect has been deleted from the page. (We used to call these 'flames' but whatever the term is now, Gods alone know, everything changes so fast - LOL).

Are we truly such a desperate people that we must use social media in such a way? Maybe someone should report the page.
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Recently I asked someone for help with something. Admittedly this person was not a friend or even an acquaintance - one could say the best they were is a former business associate. I didn't really expect them to help, but as 'they' say, if you never ask... And what's the worst they could say... Yeah that's right, "no."

Well not only did they say no, they went on to warn me about image copyright and other such shit that I wouldn't dream of breaking anyway. Pisses me off when people get precious about stuff like that, especially when all I asked was for help and/or advice.


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