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Take a moment to pause and consider that sometimes we don't always have the whole picture.

Today some incredible news has been marred by the knowledge that all was never as rosy as some would have us believe, and a community that, while pulling for the same end, was never as inclusive and welcoming as those same few would have unknowing members of that community believe; ego, and resultant bullying caused division and exclusion, and left a sour taste when it felt like the community cause lost its way and became more about the vehicle or facilitator, and less about the desired aim.

Blindly proclaiming everything pertinent to be 'good' or 'right' - failure to allow for criticism without accusations of damaging or deriding the community aims - weaken said community and the argument it makes and the cause it supports. Demanding that fellow voices censor themselves or recuse themselves from identifying with a community of which, by the very nature of their wishes and desires for, and enjoyment of an entity is not the action of a community secure in its unity or its convictions.

Unfortunately all this has all led to a sense of cynicism, where there should be celebration, and disappointment even amid the happiness and anticipation.
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