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I sing a magnificent song, for she is a magnificent goddess. It is Sarasvati whom I praise with hymns and songs. Fullness, beauty, richness, bounty: that is the goddess. Fullness, beauty, richness, bounty: may she give to us. May Sarasvati send us good luck, for she has luck to spare. May she be our protector, for she has much to give.May we enjoy Sarasvati's breasts, which swell and swell. May we gain food from her, and healthy children. -Indian Rig Veda

How easy it is to forget that water and bread, taken in warmth and comfort, makes a great feast!

Patricia Monaghan. Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Goddess (p. 252). Kindle Edition.

My first impression on reading today's entry in the book was how much it reminded me of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, which you can read about here. I think this is especially poignant today since I know that my guy and I are both experiencing many issues regarding elements of those needs, and with our separation once more, the feeling of needing security and love are especially strong.

My today today has been in many ways a succession of trying to meet some of these needs, especially the basic ones, in as much as I had to go to the store, since I had no food in my house, and having not yet eaten dinner - indeed not really eaten since breakfast - my belly is reminding me that I should perhaps eat something. Yet I have also taken steps toward fulfilling some of my spiritual needs too. I have remade my commitment to typing my meditations from this book once again. I have also set a small space aside in my room for an altar space, because a book I recently read has helped me to realise how much I miss being more active with the connection to my faith, and again I must thank my wonderful guy for both of these things, since Mir selected the book. I now have some joss sticks and a small water fountain, and use the egg lamp that was a gift from Gaile and my candle lamp that was a gift from one of my children last year to make up the north and south elements. In making this I am expressing an outward sign of the inner commitment to find myself and my way in my faith once again.

Although this entry of the book is speaking in sense of actual physical needs, I don't truly think that it needs to be limited to that. Certainly we have a need for shelter, for food, for our creature comforts beyond those basic things, but we should also look at this in a more pan0dimensional way. As food nourishes our body, so love (and compassion), both given and received, nourishes our soul/spirit. I think that is the essence of the prayer that I wrote, and I believe the essence of my current needs.

As I lay meditating on the quote I had selected, I could bring to mind only a picture of domestic and romantic bliss - a memory - of sitting on the living room floor in North Carolina, eating from dishes laid on trays by candle light. The meal was simple, but appreciated because it was one that Mir had made for me. I'm sure it's close to my mind because it's one of the things that Mir spoke about this last weekend, but it also fits, and is fitting, for the entry today because it brought nourishment to both the body and soul together. Balance.

Lady, Mother, allow my heart to awaken in love and compassion,
for as a feast of bread and water, taken in warmth and comfort
may bring peace to my body,
so love and compassion may bring peace to my striving soul,
and to those that I love,
and to those around me.

Blessed Be.


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