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These are just a few of my current thoughts/observations on Once Upon A Time after yesterday's episode, today's 'revelations' and the upcoming season (possibly series) finale this coming Sunday.

First of all I will grudgingly say that the musical episode wasn't quite as bad as I expected it to be. Then I'll say that the much 'anticipated' (though not by me) wedding of the season did NOT move me all that much, which in my current highly emotional/hormonal state actually speaks volumes. I was given a tissue at the beginning of the episode, and I returned it unused at the end. Contrast this with the day before, my sitting in front of the Kentucky Derby with tears on my face.

Today, I saw the ratings for last night's episode, and even after two weeks of high intensity publicity and hype, the show dropped on it's demographic ratings by 11.11% on the previous episode, which had received scant and sketchy publicity which was thoroughly overshadowed by said hyped musical/wedding episode. This proves - to me at least - just which character carries the show... and here's a hint: much as they might want it to be the case, it is NOT Captain Swan.

Should I feel vindicated? I've been a staunch supporter of Rumbelle right from the off and remain so to the end. Should I feel that way? Maybe... unfortunately, in light of rumors, spoilers and other pieces of information, I feel somewhat pessimistic, going so far as to say up front here and now that if, (some would say when), the finale proves 'fatal' to the possibility of a positive outcome for the Gold family that... THAT will be proof positive that the writers simply have no heart at all.

All season long - in a season that began the year of the 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast (and for those that don't know the show, Belle and Rumple are OUAT's version of BatB), in fact beginning before that in the ending of season 4 Belle and Rumple's characters and their relationship to each other has been treated beyond poorly, written in some cases 'out of character' with flimsy justifications for their actions (rather trite and repetitive, unimaginative reasons in many cases too - even when the excuses were closer to 'in character.) It's a crying shame when the most promising of characters on a show begin to be written detrimentally because the writers of the show become bored with them, or can't be bothered any more because they've found a new 'toy' to play with. It happened with Michael from Stargate: Atlantis, and it seems that it has happened on OUAT as well, when the 'norm' within the writers room became to shift focus to the new 'golden' pairing once Hook came along... a character who, in so many respects, is ten times more despicable than Rumple, and yet whose 'reformation' affords him carte blanche and the promise /realisation of 'deserved' happiness. Never mind the fact that even as the 'Dark One' Rumple's actions have saved so many in Storybrooke time and time again. Has that ever been acknowledged? No. It all became... Captain Swan/Hook good, Rumbelle/Rumple-Gold no good. I've even heard (completely unfounded) rumors that someone that tried to advocate for Rumple/Rumbelle during this season was removed. (And I will stress again, this is alleged, and completely unfounded rumor)

With a week before the finale, and with showrunners saying things like, 'some people will be happy, others will be angry and upset' I can't help but offer odds as to whom those 'others' will be.... and I want to know how treating the character that truly does stand out in an ensemble cast to hold the show together like absolute crap is offering something for /every/ fan?


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