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Has it really been since December that I last posted.  That's bad.  That's life though, been very busy with unwriterly things, working with an awesome team at a local elementary school to assist a deaf student (and learning ASL in the process)... taking care of another EC kid after school two days a week; minding a church nursery on Sundays - means I've been busy, but I've still been chipping away at writing things, and have a few exciting things to bring to light.

First of all, have had a major overhaul of the two websites I keep bringing them up to date. Please take the time to take a look. The first one is eirianhoupe.com.

And then there is the cedarfiction.net website here:

That's the easy part.  After that it gets a bit more complicated.

I recently made an announcement on Fanfiction.net that I was going to start pulling down the stories from the virtual season of Stargate Atlantis that I had been writing. No, I've not fallen out of love with SGA, but the thing is, I want to use the elements of those fics that were original thoughts - my own work, research and creation, and bring them into the current science fiction project I have underway, where they would be very much at home.  So, regrettably the SGA:VS5 has to go.  It wasn't an easy decision by any means, but I feel that it's the right one, especially in light of the whole spamdexing fiasco that went on recently over at fanfiction.net. So that'll be happening starting any time now, and please note if you go looking back through this journal, the links to the stories here won't work.  They're already gone from the cedarfiction website during the overhaul, replaced by links back to them on Fanfiction.net. So if you feel like a last minute read, head on over to the Worlds and Works of Eirian Houpe Atlantis Gallery.

Lastly, for now at least, I'm kind of excited at this one. In order to help support the creation of the Use'ara series, I joined Patreon. rather than me trying to explain the ins and outs of the site, head on over to see what they themselves say it's all about, and who knows, maybe you'll find a new artist, or musician, or even writer you like and help support their work.  You can find my profile by clicking the image below.

But wait!  I almost forgot, I also updated my WORDPRESS site too. That's where  you can find more specific (and different) snippets of information about Use'ara, Butterfly Raven, and Life After: Awakening.
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